Maintenance Program

Spring changeFor your peace of mind, sign up for our annual maintenance program. We take the pressure off of you when to schedule an appointment. We notify you two weeks in advance so that you can easily fit the routine service appointment into your busy schedule. The benefits of our annual program are two-fold:

  1. Prevent unexpected malfunctions
  2. Ensure the safety of yourself and your family

Your garage door is the largest most used mechanical device in your house. Did you now that your garage door weights approximately 400 lbs? Think of this door crashing down because of improper maintenance. Timely maintenance will safeguard against unforeseen circumstances so that your garage door does not become a safety hazard.

Most household have three exit points. In the event of a fire, your functioning garage door may be your only escape available. Make sure you can depend on it.

When you enroll in our Annual Garage Door Maintenance Program, you receive a 20% discount off our regular service appointment rate.  Leave the worry to us for as little as $76 per year.

The doctor will take care of it.

For more peace of mind check out our 2 lifetime warranty program.

Lifetime Warranty Program

Doctor OnlyThe life span of the majority of moving parts on a garage door system is approximately 6-10 years before replacement is required. Costly overhauls on your garage door can run upward of $400-$500. Overhauls on your garage door can be expected within this time frame.

The Garage Door Doctor takes care of this responsibility by offering lifetime warranties on the parts we replace. When you sign up for our annual maintenance program we warranty the parts for as long as you own your home. The initial one-time cost for the lifetime warranty of $79 (at the time of the garage door overhaul that includes torsion springs and rollers). You can leave the worrying to us, and you will never pay more than $100 to have your door overhauled again.

Lifetime Garage Opener Warranty Program

We offer the exact same warranty on new Garage Door Opener installations as well.

We will replace your garage door opener with the same quality opener or better for as long as you own your home if one of our units fail.

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