Diagnostics and Remedies

Garage door schematic

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How long has it been since your garage door was last serviced?

Your garage door should be serviced yearly unless you are experiencing a specific problem. It is important to periodically inspect and service your garage door and garage door opener to ensure that they work at peak performance and to prolong the life of the entire system. You can visually inspect the garage door yourself, taking a look at cables, springs, tracks, hinges, and rollers for signs of wear. Some of these parts are under extreme tension, so do not attempt to adjust, repair or remove these parts or anything attached to them.

A good yearly checkup on your door should include lubricating the door, springs, hinges, rollers, pulleys, and bearings. It should also include adjusting the spring tension, testing the safety features of the garage door opener, and inspecting the rollers, hinges and cables for defects/wear. Lastly, all screws and bolts should be tightened. If a specific problem needs to be addressed, schedule an appointment with one of GDD technicians, to have the parts serviced, and make the necessary adjustments and repairs.

Refer to the diagram of the garage door and parts, which will help you identify the parts. This can be extremely helpful when you call with your door problems.

Garage door is open and won’t close at all

Garage door will not open

Garage door only opens a few inches

Garage door closes half way then re opens

  • Excess garage door resistance
    Operate door manually and check for resistance and lubricate rollers and door jambs.  Safety eyes are slightly misaligned

Garage door closes then immediately re opens

Garage door closes a few feet and appears out of level

Garage door opener is running but the door is not moving but the belt or chain is moving.

Garage door works from the push button but the remotes do not work.

Garage door remotes work but the keypad does not. (vise versa)

Garage door opener is erratic stops for no apparent reason and the main lights go out.

Garage door remotes and keyless entry all stopped working at the same time.

Garage door will not open and appears not to be level.

Garage door is open and some of the rollers have fallen out and the door looks skewed.

Garage does not seal to the floor on one side only

Garage door only seals in the center with gaps on both sides